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Welcome to Painted Knoll Farm. Nestled in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, this small farm, which was established in 1992, is the home of a flock of registered Shetland Sheep.

Our goals are simple. To raise the very best livestock we can, and to provide both breeding stock and ‘pets’ to anyone with the desire to fall in love with this hardy, energetic breed. We pride ourselves on taking time before a sale to make certain that a prospective new owner has all the information they need to make a wise choice as to whether or not a sheep is right for them; and also to provide a support system after a sale for those ‘after market’ questions that always arise.

We love to have visitors to our farm and try to make all feel welcome - our true ambasadors however are our flock of registered Shetlands who are always up for a scratch under the chin or a friendly word.

We are active members of New Hampshire Sheep ad Wool Growers Association, and have been VSCP particpants since 2000, and Certified since 2009.


Nadine Chounet & Glenn Davis
750 Coolidge Woods Road
New Hampton, NH
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